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William Yule and Son Limited recognises the need to operate in a sustainable manner. As a business which has operated continuously in Scotland since 1865, it fully appreciates the need to take a long term view of its actions and to assess the impact of these actions from environmental, social and economic perspectives.


The company has a clear and well communicated Environmental Policy Statement

Policy Updates assist it to monitor progress against its targets

It has an Environmental Action plan controlled via the Environmental Management – Tasks schedule

The company has recently developed a Waste Awareness Plan supplemented by

A customer support plan for Waste Awareness, and

A series of packaging waste initiatives


Social & Economic

The company has a clear and well communicated Ethical Sourcing Policy

Key strategies to achieve Economic Sustainability include:

Long Term approach by owners

Local Sourcing and Recruitment

Continuous Investment

Corporate Social Responsibility is acknowledged and acted upon



 The Company recognises its potential impact on the environment. As an organisation involved in the supply and distribution of catering products the company acknowledges the part it plays in protecting the environment and as a result will adhere to the following environmental policy objectives.

The Company undertakes:

To comply with its legal obligations under current legislation together with all other applicable statutory provisions and relevant codes of practice;

To promote environmental awareness throughout the Company

To ensure that management consults with advisors, such as Ecos Limited, to anticipate forthcoming environmental legal requirements;

To review compliance with environmental best practice

To revise procedures as a result of enforcement authority requirements

To undertake recycling activities to meet the Company’s obligations under the Producer Responsibility (Packaging Waste) Obligations Regulations 1995, as amended

To comply with customers’ requirements in relation to identified supply chain effects where appropriate

To assess the environmental sustainability of our suppliers

To ensure Company vehicles comply with emissions testing regulations.

To develop a Carbon Management Plan to reduce carbon emissions.




William Yule and Son Limited is committed to supporting the Scottish Government’s Zero Waste Tolerance Plan (published in June 2010) and complying fully with the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012.  The Government’s vision for achieving a zero waste society is “where waste is seen as a valuable resource, valuable materials are not disposed of in landfills, and most waste is sorted for recycling, leaving only limited amounts to be treated”.

Article 4 of the European Waste Framework Directive sets out the hierarchy for dealing with waste:

(a) prevention;

(b) preparing for re-use;

(c) recycling;

(d) other recovery, e.g. energy recovery; and

(e) disposal

This hierarchy forms the basis of William Yule’s policy on waste.

An element of the government’s Plan is targeted directly at our customers – the hospitality and food service sector. Consistent with our focus on excellent customer service, William Yule will offer support to customers to assist them to achieve the government’s objectives.

This support will be based on “The Hospitality and Food Service Agreement” drafted by WRAP.

William Yule will offer practical advice and assistance to its customers to help customers:

To reduce food and associated packaging waste arising

To increase the rate of food and packaging waste being recycled, sent to Anaerobic Digestion or composted

Cardboard collection and recycling scheme

Oil reclaim and recycling (via third party)




As set out in the “Company’s Key Aims and Objectives” statement, William Yule is committed to operating with the highest standards of integrity. As part of this commitment, the company will embrace Ethical Trading standards wherever possible.

As a small company it can be difficult to influence global events and multinational manufacturers. Nevertheless the company acknowledges that it has a responsibility towards the workers involved in making the products which it sells. As a privately owned company, William Yule has an advantage over its major competitors in that it is not driven solely by profit. This means that the company has decided to deal only with suppliers who have a consistent ethical approach to trading even where this may result in higher costs.

The company has adopted the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code for the rights of workers in its supply chain:

Employment is freely chosen

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected

Working conditions are safe and hygienic

Child labour shall not be used

Working hours are not excessive

No discrimination is practiced

Regular employment is provided

No harsh on inhumane treatment is allowed

The company will source Fair Trade, MSC and Red Tractor products in preference to others where this is practicable and consistent with the requirements of the customer.




Economic Sustainability is about ensuring organisations are “built to last” and are able to function efficiently over a long period of time. William Yule and Son Limited has operated continuously from Kirkcaldy since 1865 and is therefore very aware of the need to take long term decisions. Its longevity is evidence of its commitment to long term planning. The company recognises the need to use resources in a responsible manner which balances long term profitability and the impact on society and the environment.